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“When I first e-mailed you I got a reply the next day advising me with what to purchase. You also went out of your way to get the grinder I required. You also went out of your way to have a normal conversation by e-mail. It looks like to me that you Paul care about small companies like me even though I live in NEW ZEALAND and also larger ones. Paul you are a credit to your company and may you go on to build it larger as you deserve it.”
Denis Roberts (Manager) New Zealand

“For over fifteen years we have come to rely on PWM and the products they supply. We can depend on them 24/7 to deliver quality, reliable equipment when required. The after sales service and technical support they provide is second to none”.
Active Floor Prep

"PWM go that extra mile to ensure that we receive the best quality equipment and consumables available. They are highly responsive to customer needs and can be relied upon to provide first class support and service."
Chris Macleod, Grimsby Resin Floors

"I feel I must tell you that I am over the moon with
the TV50 and C-tec cutting cowl. I used it for the first time today, and was amazed how well it
worked. It's worth its weight in gold. Thanks very much."
Regards Phil Hone.

Hi Paul,
Thank you for the lead.
Spoke to Rob, very happy with the two TV50’s which he purchased from you 10 years ago. We have now supplied him a new motor & head for one of the units the other is still going strong.
Best regards, Jerry”

"Over the past few years, Paul and his team have earned their place as one of our most valued and trusted suppliers. They offer a range of high quality, innovative products, backed with a level of service and knowledge that is hard to come by these days. Whether it's a large vacuum unit or a 'hard to come by' low cost fitting, PWM go the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction."
Phil Hirons - Evagrip

“I just want to thank you for all your help when we were in England last week, we would have been in great difficulties, only for your help it was very much appreciated.” Ian & Billy Macauley

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Saw Muzzle Dust Collector

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Saw Muzzle Dust Collector
Key Code Description Price ex VAT Qty
  045642 Saw Muzzle (7inch - 8inch Worm - drive circular saws) £77.00
  045641 Saw Muzzle E (12inch - 16inch Electric cut off saws) £77.00
  045640 Saw Muzzle GP (12inch - 16inch Gas powered saws and 14inch Partner electric) £153.00

The Saw Muzzle GP is made to work with Stihl™, Makita™, Husky™ Partner™ and other Gas-powered saws.  It can be up to 95% efficient when used with a strong industrial vacuum (see primer on vacuums) and when used for the proper applications.

The most common and efficient use of the Saw Muzzle is for making long cuts in one pass. Using the Saw Muzzle GP in this way will protect the operators lungs and prolong the life of the gas powered saw.

An understanding of how the Saw Muzzle GP works will lead the operator to maximize its efficiency.

Pull the Saw Toward the Operator

The most important thing to remember about the Saw Muzzle GP is that the dust is swept into the collection chamber of the Saw Muzzle by the cutting action of the blade in the new groove. Because the blade kicks the dust backwards, the saw must be pulled toward the operator. By keeping the blade in the new groove, the dust will be swept into the Saw Muzzle collection chamber.

If the saw is allowed to run away from the operator, up to 50% of the dust will be shot down the groove that was just cut and it will escape.

After the operator gets used to it, he will find that pulling the saw is actually more ergonomically comfortable and easier on his back.

Snap a Line Off the Side of the Cut

When the saw is pulled toward the operator, it is impossible to see the blade for an accurate cut. This is easily resolved by snapping a line off the left side of the desired cut that is the width of the collection chamber. The Saw Muzzle collection chamber has a 4” long straight edge that makes it ideal to use for a guide… and the line won’t be covered in dust.

The First Cut is the Cleanest

If possible, cut the complete depth in one pass. If a second pass is made, even if the operator is pulling the saw, some dust will escape down the groove made by the first cut.

Depth of Cut

Because of its design, the Saw Muzzle will limit the depth of cut to approximately 3” even though a 5” cut is possible. Some operators have removed a wedge shaped piece of the dust guard off to allow for a deeper cut. It is not recommended to do this but if it is done, check first with the manufacturer of the  saw to see if it voids the warranty.

The Saw Muzzle GP will not be a satisfactory dust collector when it is used for cutting lightweight roofing tiles, cinder block, brick or other short masonry building materials.

It is very effective when cutting long runs in concrete, pavers or other materials where the operator can drop the blade into a groove and make long, constant depth cuts.

The Saw Muzzle GP on a Stihl saw

The Saw Muzzle GP on a Partner Saw

The Saw Muzzle GP on a Makita Saw

The Saw Muzzle GP is also available for the Partner electric cutoff saws



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