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“When I first e-mailed you I got a reply the next day advising me with what to purchase. You also went out of your way to get the grinder I required. You also went out of your way to have a normal conversation by e-mail. It looks like to me that you Paul care about small companies like me even though I live in NEW ZEALAND and also larger ones. Paul you are a credit to your company and may you go on to build it larger as you deserve it.”
Denis Roberts (Manager) New Zealand

“For over fifteen years we have come to rely on PWM and the products they supply. We can depend on them 24/7 to deliver quality, reliable equipment when required. The after sales service and technical support they provide is second to none”.
Active Floor Prep

"PWM go that extra mile to ensure that we receive the best quality equipment and consumables available. They are highly responsive to customer needs and can be relied upon to provide first class support and service."
Chris Macleod, Grimsby Resin Floors

"I feel I must tell you that I am over the moon with
the TV50 and C-tec cutting cowl. I used it for the first time today, and was amazed how well it
worked. It's worth its weight in gold. Thanks very much."
Regards Phil Hone.

Hi Paul,
Thank you for the lead.
Spoke to Rob, very happy with the two TV50’s which he purchased from you 10 years ago. We have now supplied him a new motor & head for one of the units the other is still going strong.
Best regards, Jerry”

"Over the past few years, Paul and his team have earned their place as one of our most valued and trusted suppliers. They offer a range of high quality, innovative products, backed with a level of service and knowledge that is hard to come by these days. Whether it's a large vacuum unit or a 'hard to come by' low cost fitting, PWM go the extra mile to achieve customer satisfaction."
Phil Hirons - Evagrip

“I just want to thank you for all your help when we were in England last week, we would have been in great difficulties, only for your help it was very much appreciated.” Ian & Billy Macauley

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Magnetic Manhole Lifter

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Magnetic Manhole Lifter
Key Code Description Price ex VAT Qty
  145013 Steel Manhole Lifter c/w Mega Duty Magnet £902.00
  145009 Steel Manhole Lifter Frame - no magnet £335.00
  145019 Alloy Manhole Lifter c/w Mega Duty Magnet £1,110.00
  145010 Alloy Manhole Lifter Frame - no magnet £543.00
  145028 Best of Both - Steel Manhole Lifter c/w Mega Duty Magnet + KeyTec Bar and keys £1,343.00
  145027 Steel Manhole Lifter c/w KeyTec Bar + Keys £878.00
  145008 Mega Duty Magnet £567.00
  145000 ChainTec - 4 Leg Adjustable Chain Set £175.00
  145004 Extra Width, Off Road wheels (pair) £55.00
  KeyTec Spreader Bar + leverage hook (no keys) £324.00
  KeyTec Lifting Keys (pair) 35mm T-Blade £79.00
  KeyTec Lifting Keys (pair) 25mm T-Blade £79.00
  KeyTec Lifting Keys (pair) 20mm L-Blade £79.00
  KeyTec Lifting Keys, Complete Pack of Keys (1 pair of all 3 different keys.) £219.00

Magnetic Manhole Lifter 

The Magnetic Manhole lifter is quick, easy and safe. No back injuries, no pulled muscles, the magnetic manhole lifter makes it simple and easy to lift virtually any manhole cover without the need for keys or other tools. The system eliminates the need for multiple types of keys / tools with a one size fits all magnet.



The thinking behind our manhole lifter is that one person can lift a 100kg manhole by himself from any direction with relative ease. Our manhole lifter has been designed and engineered to create 2.3:1 lifting ratio meaning that if you put 25kg of downwards force into the handle you will create 57.5kg of lift at the end connected to the manhole cover. Our 360 degree lifting hanger can be rotated and placed in any position so covers can be lifted from a convenient position without having to worry about parked cars or having to stand in the middle of the road!

Typically manhole covers will be stuck in the frame, whether rusted in or jammed with dirt they just don't want to budge. With our magnetic manhole lifter you can use the high leverage position to break free most stuck covers. When using the high leverage position you benefit from a mechanical advantage of 6:1 meaning you can break the seal on virtually any stuck covers with a maximum operator input of only 25kg of force. 

Manhole Lifter, Lifting Trolley

Steel Magnetic Manhole Lifter

Steel Manhole Lifter

To the left is our steel lifter which has a safe Working Load Limit of 150kg, Puncture proof tyres are standard, total weight is 16kg.

Alloy Magnetic Manhole Lifter

Alloy Manhole Lifter

To the left is our alloy lifter which has a safe Working Load Limit of 100kg, Puncher proof tyres are standard, total weight is 8kg.



In testing the steel frame lifted 680kg! The alloy lifting frame lifted 460kg. Both have significant safety margins over their tested operating weights. PWM can confidently state that our manhole lifters are quality products which if used correctly will deliver a long trouble free service life.


The Magnets

Why? Why use one of our magnets? Well the problem with keys is that they can break  or the hole that your trying to slot them into is full of dirt, stones, rust or even a broken key head, our magnet eliminates this problem. Using one of our magnets and lifting frame we can generally lift a manhole cover from its frame before you finish cleaning the key holes.

No external power required, Single lever On-Off control.

Mega Magnet: Complete with lifting hanger and bar, the magnet has a lifting value of 600kg! The hanger attachment has 3 lifting positions and a high leverage slot which is used to break the seal on stuck manhole covers.  
Mega Magnet  


Why such powerful magnets and lifting frames? This is a frequently asked question and the reasoning behind the powerful magnets is safety. Our Mega Magnet can lifter over 600kg but that is only possible if  the magnet connects to a flat serface, nearly all manhole covers are patterned which prevents our magnets from getting 100% contact so we decided to use a magnet that when only 25% of the magnet was connected it could lift 150kg of weight easily.


Key-Tec & Chain Tec 

Key-Tec Spreader Bar

Key-Tec Folding Spreader Bar

To the left is our Key-Tec Folding Spreader Bar, if you prefer keys over our high powered magnet we also do a spreader bar that works with lifting keys, our folding spreader bar comes with our 360 hanger with 3 lifting positions and a high leverage  unseating hook for break the seal on stuck covers, also provided is a tool bag for your keys and lifting hook. (lifting keys sold seperatly.)

Key-Tec Lifting Keys (Pair)

Pairs of steel lifting kets; M16 threaded for easy operation with electro-plated for protection.

  • 32mm T-Blade   
  • 25mm T-Blade  
  • 20mm L-Blade  

Key-Tec Lifting Key Package

Complete pack that comes with a pair of each lifting key:

  • 32mm T-Blade
  • 25mm T-Blade
  • 20mm L-Blade



Chain-Tec 4 Leg Adjustable Chain Set

The Chain-Tec is for those large concrete covers that can sometimes take 2 people to lift, the chain-tec used 4 hooks on adjustable chains that slot into a slotted chain box that has a lifting hanger on. Meaning the chain-tec can be adjusted to multiple shapes and sizes and can be used with our manhole lifting frame. Safe working limit 150kg, (1200mm long chains, 13mm Length Hooks 10mm Diamiter.)


Extra Wide Wheels

Extra wide wheels, optional alternatives or extras that are designed to be used on grass and other looses surfaces where you need a bit more stability and control on looses surfaces.


For Distribution, Manufacturing and Sales please call us on: 01405 862688 



Heavy Duty Steel Trolley, in the standard lifting position the dolly stands 1m tall with a length of 2m when in operation, for storage the frame collapses to a height of 35cm, 40cm wide and 95cm long with a total weight of 16kg.

In use Folded Away
Manhole Lifter in use


Light Weight Aluminium, less than 10 kgs, collapsible for carrying and storage, folded - 95cm Long x 35cm wide x 35cms tall. The aluminium frame has a safe load limit of 100kgs and is ideal for lighter covers.




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